Bright Eyes

Have something new for you! Weaved by this wondrous, awesome, stunning writer, share some love to her by visiting her Twitter : @DarthErica People ask me, “Do you regret your life choices?”, and I’m always at a loss as to how to answer. Sometimes, it’s not always a choice. Yes, there are many choices inContinue reading “Bright Eyes”

A Tinge of Luck

My hands were cupped in my bosom, decomposing the orchestrated fear in my palpitating heartbeat, that of a loose cannon, I could not grasp hold of the solid reality, but helplessly sinking into the chimerical world built around my head. The precipice was acrophobic, my legs jellied, my hands writhed wildly, my head spinning. IContinue reading “A Tinge of Luck”


Russet lines were drawn across the horizon scrupulously, the breaking dawn mellowed the vision field. We were chatting in a desultory manner, ranging from the rigged politics to the star crossed lovers of Hollywood. Hither the apex of a mountain in our rover, the tarred road was converged into a thin thread in front of me. I wasContinue reading “Nightmare”

Rhythm On The Field

The tumultuous crowd was cheering for me as I was going to make a save that would elevate my team to the finals. Bup bum, bump… The palpitating heartbeat, the clamour of noises from the stadium, made my stomach lurched. A hand was raised, the crowd hushed into a pitiable, piquant silence. My vision zeroedContinue reading “Rhythm On The Field”


Resplendence in the waning glow of the dreariest nights, I was haunted by the undaunted ebony figure that silhouetted above me, engulfing me in his unimpeachable and unbreakable grip. I cocooned at the furthest corner of my mattress, confiding myself to my own impediments, consumed by fears of not making it through the very dayContinue reading “Shimmering”