Too Good To Be True

The tinge of the russet skies dawned the book store at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I realised that I was there for almost the whole day, indulging myself in the new-found love for suspense romance stories, oblivion to the rustlings of my surroundings. Strands of my hair draped across my eyes, I attempted toContinue reading “Too Good To Be True”

Point of No Return

I’m lost… Sauntering in the facade of reality, the cloak of nothingness, ain’t I…? Catching, holding my breath as I pushed myself through another routine day. My mind was racing from one thing to another, pacing quicker than I could think, but I felt that I was going nowhere. The upbeat chill pop, a background noise; the tappingContinue reading “Point of No Return”

What Does A ‘Follow’ Mean?

I am a disgusting person, and a disgraceful one, so are you people in the community, most of you. Let me talk about my ugly side first. I spam my likes in the comment sections of a lot of threads, it is weird but, this is my habit of liking things of just pressing theContinue reading “What Does A ‘Follow’ Mean?”