“I’m Still Alive.”

To all Malaysians: Here we are! More than half a decade later, the rakyat, us, are willing to step up and choose change over a stagnant-money-ruling government. On 9 May 2018, the rakyat had chosen the opposition to govern Malaysia for the first time ever since Malaysia gained independence, this is history! However, There areContinue reading ““I’m Still Alive.””


Cring… Crank… Cring… Stumbling from the chains that restricted my limbs’ movement. “Move.” The guard nudged me with the butt of his rifle, his deep imperious tone exasperated my feelings.┬áDo I have anymore feelings? “Haha…” I chuckled at the reality, the veracity of my thoughts, “HAhahahhaha” and burst into laughter, bending myself into the coldContinue reading “Unbarred”