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May Be (Goals For May)

Phew... 40 percent back on track to my usual self. My recuperating ability is not that great, but still an above average pace. This is difficult, getting back to life after the big slump of my life- where nothing really feels... Continue Reading →

Fool Me Once, April!

A recovering and a super messed up month for me. After the slump from February, I slightly climbed back to re-positioning my life. But, I single-handedly destroyed a friendship by violating the civic values and my writing etiquette at the... Continue Reading →

Marching into The Valley of Change. (March Goals)

Being a complete failure last month, and even had a period where I became too lazy and stopped blogging for two weeks. It was a fucking disgrace. The change that I brought into my life had landed a negative impact... Continue Reading →

The Going Gets Hard. (February Goals)

January was a month where studies hit me an off-side, and drastic changes started to take flight in that month. I set goals that were not suited to the direction that I was heading in January, and here I am... Continue Reading →

There is NO New Year’s Resolution.

What good is a new year’s resolution if it does not come with the equivalent level of consistency and determination or whatever it will take to make your resolution happens?

Start Small. (January Goals)

January Goals for 2018. Motivational and Inspiring. Start well, to progress and end well.

DON’T STOP ME, 2018!

DON’T STOP ME, 2018! Here is my New Year’s Resolution for 2018, read it for inspiration and motivation. Hope your year will be filled with faith!

December Deadline (Goals)

My oh my... Time flies, it has come to the end of the year. Too fast, my breath could not catch up with the speed. Phew... My first semester exams had passed by me, but I reckon that I would be re-sitting... Continue Reading →

It’s November Already? (Goals)

Hell no, shit. Two more months till the end of the year, and I had achieved nothing near my year goals. Haha. But, new month, new aspirations. Finally, this plan is working out fairly well compared to my previous futile... Continue Reading →

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