A Letter to 2017 Jess

A Letter to 2017 Jess

By Jess

Guest Post | Last Day Alive

It is my honour and pleasure to be having Benjamin in doing our first guest post. Make sure you go check out his Youtube channel too! Make sure to check out mine on his blog. Enjoy! If you are told that tomorrow is the last day of life, the end of the world, what will you doContinue reading “Guest Post | Last Day Alive”

Guest Post: The Day I Decided My Future

It is my utmost privilege and honour to have Jess Wen from Daring To Jess as my first guest blogger! To check out my first guest post on her blog, please kindly head over to her website. Enjoy! When I was 10, I was asked to make a decision that I knew would affect meContinue reading “Guest Post: The Day I Decided My Future”