Bank Heist

BANG! The glass shattered all around the vicinity, “ALL HANDS IN THE AIR!” Involuntarily, everyone followed suit. This sentence was the least and most not expected to be heard. My heart went a million miles per hour, in fear. There were five men, armed to the teeth in black hoodies, slinging long black AKs around them. TheyContinue reading “Bank Heist”


The droning sound resembled the uncanny appearance of them. I hid behind those couches, hoping they would be gentle with me this time. The house, shelter, was not locked nor secured because my parents were in debt with them, and succumbed to their blades prematurely, they were coming for me every single day until theyContinue reading “Rapists”


Cring… Crank… Cring… Stumbling from the chains that restricted my limbs’ movement. “Move.” The guard nudged me with the butt of his rifle, his deep imperious tone exasperated my feelings. Do I have anymore feelings? “Haha…” I chuckled at the reality, the veracity of my thoughts, “HAhahahhaha” and burst into laughter, bending myself into the coldContinue reading “Unbarred”