Fall, Hard. #24

falling; failing, is a norm; is a reality, difficult to grasp; unable to accept. we fall more than we get up; we fall more than we grow up; we fall more than we learn. every time falling down teaches us a lesson a hidden one most of the times, if we could not understand it,Continue reading “Fall, Hard. #24”


Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Tired. Wearied. Lethargic. Keep it up! You can do this! Just do it! I have heard All of these Bullcrap since day one I faced life Man to man. Life does not work as such, You do not get motivated By literally anything, What to say about Those mereContinue reading “Persevere”

You. Yes, You.

I’m talking to you, Whosoever that is in front of the glass, Or from whoever’s mouth. Tell me. Why are you reading this? Is it to get some motivation? Some inspiration? Perhaps just to grate time? I don’t really care. At this point, You might be guessing, “Where is the core message?” I don’t haveContinue reading “You. Yes, You.”