Feeling sober, I was dropped at the doorstep of my house. Bad day, bad week, terrible life, whatever you called it, I was not in the mood of thinking any of those, I just wanted more booze. My mind was in a state of delirium where reality was bent with a languid twist. Searching forContinue reading “Lights.”


I was splintered, couple of times, physically and mentally, nearly went flat-lined. Cruising through the tough metal floor of nonentity, I was oblivion of my whereabouts, only knew that I was locked in a claustrophobic endless hallway, illuminated by dangling light bulbs from the ceiling, filled with two rows of metal doors each with aContinue reading “Prey-ed”

Red Lollipop

Flashlights on, I embarked into the derelict wooden house, haunted by the throes of a little child, a shrill of the night, deadening my valour, uplifting the terrifying atmosphere into a living roller coaster straight from hell. Everything was packed, thermo-camera, and a torch light, that was what I had. A step into the creakingContinue reading “Red Lollipop”


Russet lines were drawn across the horizon scrupulously, the breaking dawn mellowed the vision field. We were chatting in a desultory manner, ranging from the rigged politics to the star crossed lovers of Hollywood. Hither the apex of a mountain in our rover, the tarred road was converged into a thin thread in front of me. I wasContinue reading “Nightmare”