Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



To Places No One Goes

Where am I? How did I end up here? Questions upon questions Life, this is. I will go where You would go Take the lead and I will follow You To places no one goes Say the word and I... Continue Reading →

catharsis 008

rolling rolling my mind my body drained sucked this is a loop i knew it in my bones and yet i still ignore it those signs conspicuous unperturbed my soul something is wrong with me something went wrong somewhere some... Continue Reading →

catharsis #5 ?

my brain, it hurts i really... i think i am going back to square one. nothing had changed i am still, me back to square one. my conscience, is once again buried deep in the depths of nothingness i could... Continue Reading →

Burned Out

Sick and tired. Worn out and beaten down. I am wearied, I am defeated. Still could not understand, Why this phase of life Is such a treachery Such a dreadful piece of shit. My neck hurts My head pounds My... Continue Reading →


Wilting, My soul, My heart, My body, My will, Wearied. Tried, tried, tried; Failed, failed, failed; Irresistible, Feeble, Tried and tried, Failed and failed, Again and again, Screw it. Slumping down, Sliding down, Winding down, My physique, My weak self,... Continue Reading →

Glassy Skies

Tipping my life on the glassy edifice, a city built in transparency, moulded together by the super-cooled liquid glass, encapsulated with my thoughts and feelings. I measured myself in the palace of crystalline glass, a tiny physical presence but I... Continue Reading →

Short Death

My heart was beating at a random pace, panning out to gather all the possible seconds that I was given, a probable estimation of my death line, hoping that I would not cross it, ever, but it was inevitable, I... Continue Reading →

Close, But Not Close Enough (Rewritten)

Suit and tie in place, cologne not too overwhelming, my reflection in the mirror gave me the little tinge of courage that I needed. Making sure every inch of my outfit was ironed properly, no creases were allowed in this... Continue Reading →

An Imaginary, Ethereal Bond.

Conundrums, enigmas, the worlds between us are¬†filled with, are¬†imaginary. I kept swimming in the ocean without shores where darkness engulfed me wholly, and with no ray of hope shimmering at any corner of eyes. We meet at unexpected times, at... Continue Reading →

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