Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




I do not know how to start this piece, and there I go, haphazardly, simply idiotic, letting someone on a pause. Stupid, I am purely, genuinely a coward. She knew some of my feelings for her, she gave me time,... Continue Reading →

Final Letter to Her

Dear Lerr: If you are reading this, probably never, it would be after your flight to Korea, or after your studies in Korea, I do not know. But, I just want to wish you a safe flight and a wonderful... Continue Reading →

Meeting Her

The aperture greeted me with her serene demeanor, unexpected, unprecedented, she was right in front of my eyes. I was dumbfounded for a second, did not know how to react, I greeted to her, and to them. We were the... Continue Reading →

Temporary. Gone. Forever.

The coruscation of her reflection, the monitor shone in the dead of the night, my pupils dilated when her image materialised from thin air. Shimmering in the stars were the hopes, and memoirs of a distant past that felt as... Continue Reading →

Tangled Skein

"Terima kasih, Uncle!" I paid the taxi driver some extra tips and made my way to the convention centre where the choir concert will be held. There were two main reasons, I do things with reasons adhered to them, or else... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Her

I just don't know how to start off this letter, you made me clogged in my writing to you and what to speak when meeting you, I am so lost on how to face you. I felt dejected day after... Continue Reading →


Bornt into a world where double-standards exists, sexism is outrageous, injudicious prejudice are promulgated in the human society. Me, as a her, is nothing but a grain of sand in the beach, a drop of water in the vast oceans.... Continue Reading →

All We Don’t Know (Finale)

Thunk. The piece of stale bread rolled towards me, drips of drinkable water fell upon my head, signifying me that was meal time. This happened at sporadic hours, I tried counting, but failed because when people were locked in an... Continue Reading →

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