Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



Are You Home?

A dwelling place, Not constant, But consistently changing; Never somewhere physical, But at some times; Time changes us, Redefines home for us From time to time. My bed, my toilet, My sweet spots, My computer, All of these spots, Transient,... Continue Reading →


My dense glasses, my acne-filled complexion, trembling in my knees, the fear of walking out of the school's gate. they are waiting for me. The terrifying thought haunted me immensely, infuse great fear into me. I did not do anything wrong, why are... Continue Reading →

Coming Home

The door swung open with the scent of familiarity, it was perfumed with subtle incense which was permeated from the vicinity of the deity's altar, dimly lit with a single bulb hanging in the middle of the room which enlightened... Continue Reading →

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