The agonizing pain, the hollowness that was bored into my skull as two empty craters, the cacophonous explosions that were deafening, my mind was hay-wired, I could not think straight. Fear was the only element that kicked and kept me alive. I sprang out of the bed, “MATA SAYA! YA ALLAH!” screaming for my eyes,Continue reading “MY EYES! MY EYES!”


The atmosphere was arid, the night sky was dead hanging with stars shining sparsely across the spreadsheet of darkness, two cars collided in the roads, a normality in this country. The victims fretted, called the ambulance almost instantaneously, the foreigners just had their supper and the few met a tragedy in the face.

Glad Tidings

My nose was nasal as usual of the drastic change of the weather. I crept to the bathroom to blow my nose because it was blocked, almost suffocating me. Turning on the tap, letting the water run, Huummkkk! The snots flew everywhere, it was gooey, viscous. Swilling away the mucus, I repeated this action for several times,Continue reading “Glad Tidings”