this is an act a balancing act of life doing this, doing that; rushing here, rushing there. “ain’t you tired?” “don’t do so much.” the voices around me sounding out of my body, my soul, the people around me. i know i know this is tiring i know sometimes i might lose track about keepingContinue reading “balance”

The Art of Pooping.

The act of defecating is done by an individual at least once per day, unless you have diarrhea or constipation. I spent my mornings after washing up in the toilet, letting out the toxins in my body to start the day. If I ate too much throughout the day, I would seek the toilet forContinue reading “The Art of Pooping.”

Send Help!

Dear writers, bloggers, people of Maths and Science: I NEED HELP!  Recently, I read an article citing there were only a handful of reputable people that have an ardent passion in both Maths and writing. To put it in other words, they are novelist / writers and Mathematicians at the same time.  However, I amContinue reading “Send Help!”

Getting My Shit Together

I am not getting things done, I am not productive, I am counterproductive, I spent too much time on superfluous stuffs such as on my phone, Youtube, doing nothing. I have to do something, this is for myself, to organise my life back into something better. Scheduling, this is my first time doing this. TheContinue reading “Getting My Shit Together”

Top 5 SPM Study Hacks

SPM is a past to me, a mere grain of sand in the distant bygone. SPM is hyped as one of the most important examinations in Malaysians’ eyes. It would grant parents the prerogative to strut as proud as a peacock when their children score straight As. However, this would not last long, literally afterContinue reading “Top 5 SPM Study Hacks”

Counterfeit Passion and How to Use It.

Working is mandatory in this contemporary. Everybody works, no matter rain or shine, day or night, one would not stop working. People toil in blood, sweat, and tears when they are working because they have their own reasons either personally or financially. The situation of their life shanghaied them to do so. Nobody loves toContinue reading “Counterfeit Passion and How to Use It.”