The Knowledge “Barrier”

Sherlock is a brilliant artist of deduction and a splendid detective, but he is also a scholar who is particularly interested in Chemistry and contributed some new discoveries to the Science world. Yagami Light is a badass thinker who wants to transform the world into a crime-less paradise by using Death Note to exterminate thoseContinue reading “The Knowledge “Barrier””

Point of No Return

I’m lost… Sauntering in the facade of reality, the cloak of nothingness, ain’t I…? Catching, holding my breath as I pushed myself through another routine day. My mind was racing from one thing to another, pacing quicker than I could think, but I felt that I was going nowhere. The upbeat chill pop, a background noise; the tappingContinue reading “Point of No Return”

Frozen Frame

It was the round moon glistening the vicinity with the febrile festive vibes of the full-moon’s festival. I was taken to a community organised festival which our family visited per annum. The candle wax and a hint of petrichor panged the air, filled in by the cheery atmosphere. My heart was pounding with excitement despiteContinue reading “Frozen Frame”