Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




I must... take... him... out...! Mustering all the strength in my physique, learning that my enemy was just inches from death. He was partially dead, laying helplessly in front of me. I grabbed the ground for support in order to pull... Continue Reading →


The droning sound resembled the uncanny appearance of them. I hid behind those couches, hoping they would be gentle with me this time. The house, shelter, was not locked nor secured because my parents were in debt with them, and... Continue Reading →


Sporadically spread sombre clouds, darkening the vicinity of the blood bath. too many criminals, only one executioner... I thought. "NEXT!" the guards dragged a bald guy, he was not shanghaied in any way, he was wearied to the bone, not wanting to... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Humanity

Are we doing the right thing? Are we building the desirable future? Are we treating people the way that we should? Are we thinking straight? Are we still humans? No. We have swerved way off from our tracks. Modern advancement... Continue Reading →

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