waiting for peach blossoms to bloom.

Sauntering mindlessly through the shopping mall that was fully furbished Chinese New Year decorations- mostly red-and-golden themed- orchestrated by the jolly festive songs that jived in flawlessly with the festivity. My phone heavy in my pocket, my heart was absent even with my family and relatives, my mind was somewhere else. Reaching the restaurant, anContinue reading “waiting for peach blossoms to bloom.”

Balloon Twisting

Share some love to this ardent, pundit photographer and his brilliant post idea by visiting and follow his Instagram:  key_to_kye Full length photo below: “Kye, wanna go to do something fun?” Deb said in her cheeky voice as I was driving us back home, I did not reply, “… something different?” I was wearied fromContinue reading “Balloon Twisting”

Meeting Her

The aperture greeted me with her serene demeanor, unexpected, unprecedented, she was right in front of my eyes. I was dumbfounded for a second, did not know how to react, I greeted to her, and to them. We were the judges for the Chinese Singing competition that was held in my previous school. She wasContinue reading “Meeting Her”

Tangled Skein

“Terima kasih, Uncle!” I paid the taxi driver some extra tips and made my way to the convention centre where the choir concert will be held. There were two main reasons, I do things with reasons adhered to them, or else I would not waste my effort, time and energy to do so. First, was toContinue reading “Tangled Skein”

Saved (Re-blog)

  Without a second thought, I dived into the ocean, wanting to swim across to the isle opposite me which was not far as poorly perceived by my eyes. I swam with my eyes closed because the ocean was too salty. Shit… My intuition prompted me that something had gone very wrong. I have to swim backContinue reading “Saved (Re-blog)”

Shalom (Finale)

“This is going nowhere John.” the grumpy voice said. “Everytime, you showed your ass up and tell me all these demotivating shit.” the first voice had lost himself. “Boys. Don’t quarrel.” the calm female voice tried to fan off the fire between them. “Sure. If you don’t believe me in saving this little miss, thenContinue reading “Shalom (Finale)”

Coloured Hearts (Part 4)

The pitch in the King’s institution was bathing in the morning sun, the team was practicing for the on-going State Trophy, we were kicked out during the first or second round for the past few years, mostly it was because of a shitty goalkeeper. This year I was going to play defender but I was unwillinglyContinue reading “Coloured Hearts (Part 4)”

Coloured Hearts (Part 3)

I felt my legs shaking, “Brian! Your Monday training!” I turned to look at the electronic clock, 06:31. Tadashi stood by my bed. “Crap.” I uttered under my breath and scurried out to train. The sun was out, hanging at midway to the top, it was the Summer Bank holiday for the people in London, soContinue reading “Coloured Hearts (Part 3)”