How to Manage Time? (By Someone Who Is Always Late)

Tardiness has been one of my main traits in the years of schooling, this habit eventually seeped into some of my working etiquette, and even my blogging style. Being in school impacted me negatively as school sucked the living out of my life, demotivating me in each and every way possible with its mundane, grueling,Continue reading “How to Manage Time? (By Someone Who Is Always Late)”

Vagueness of Reality

Wandering, aimlessly in the pitch black dimension where light was scarce. Drifting, superficially on the baseless reality that we lived in. My thoughts were bulging, wrestling against my conscience about this hollow universe where our basis of living depended on chemical reactions and human reactions. Darkness had engulfed me fully, only hoping that the voidContinue reading “Vagueness of Reality”


The atmosphere was arid, the night sky was dead hanging with stars shining sparsely across the spreadsheet of darkness, two cars collided in the roads, a normality in this country. The victims fretted, called the ambulance almost instantaneously, the foreigners just had their supper and the few met a tragedy in the face.

Temporary. Gone. Forever.

The coruscation of her reflection, the monitor shone in the dead of the night, my pupils dilated when her image materialised from thin air. Shimmering in the stars were the hopes, and memoirs of a distant past that felt as if it had happened yesterday. I reached out to touch her, regretting about the impromptuContinue reading “Temporary. Gone. Forever.”