Shaolin Monk

At the wee hours of the morning, even before the sun peeked over the horizon, we were awakened by the morning gong that was sounded everyday at 4 a.m. without failure, even when there were hailstorms. We were assigned with duties of collecting water- we have to hike our way down the hill to theContinue reading “Shaolin Monk”


The ship was carrying about a hundred people with livestock in it, exceeding the maximum limit of the ship’s carriage. Its destination was to get these refugees to a safe spot across the ocean into the promised land, overflowing with silk and honey, into safety. Everyone was minding their own business, worrying about whether orContinue reading ““ABANDON SHIP!””

3 Months

Fine. It had ended, three months of working in the food industry, more on the serving and management line. Broken free from the exploitation of my capabilities, and garnered a more than enough, valuable, painful, exhausting experience. 0600, I had to wake up, clean up, and walk to my work. Some Youtube and breakfast ofContinue reading “3 Months”