Blacked Out

Headphones hanging by both of my ears as I took the walk back home in the solemn silence prominent in the air, tucked both my hands into my sweater’s front pocket being in this frigid weather. My ears were turning into crisp. I passed an dimly lit alley way, sensing nothing but coldness- an unwarrantedContinue reading “Blacked Out”

Eco Sky Food Fair (Honest Review)

Work done. 6 p.m. Rushed down. Fetched two of my friends. Jam. Jam. Jam. 8.30 p.m. Parked at the Tesco Extra beside Eco Sky because the enormity of the crowd at Eco Sky. Strolled down, met Greeny, and off we went to our destination. Time to slow down my speed. Everything was settled, we hadContinue reading “Eco Sky Food Fair (Honest Review)”