Pandang Ke Timur

Dasar Pandang Ke Timur has been the main inspiration and belief heeded by our current and fourth Prime Minister- Tun Mahathir (Tun M). He loves to reference Japan as a role model to be followed and moulded into, most of the policies in Malaysia implemented some gist from Japan. I was oblivion before, I finallyContinue reading “Pandang Ke Timur”

Family Issues

Growing up in a typical Malaysian family is neither a great thing to praise about nor a bad thing to sully about, but as you can see from my blog, I rarely posted anything about my family, any good thing at least because it was just, to put it plainly, I do not really likeContinue reading “Family Issues”

STPM VS. COLLEGE (For SPM students) (Malaysia)

What to choose after SPM? Seriously, there are a wide array, too many choices laying out there, waiting for you to choose. However, most of the students would be bamboozled with the barrage of choices flung to them, here is a piecemeal breakdown of the best possible path that you can choose to further yourContinue reading “STPM VS. COLLEGE (For SPM students) (Malaysia)”

Last Minute

Three days till my first paper, and I feel, I am fucked. Somehow, I managed to procrastinate until these last few days, and study, and sleep for most of the times. The agony, irony, are the least that I could feel, because it is futile to do anything now, it is just as if usingContinue reading “Last Minute”

A True Malaysian For Malaysians

Having this conversation and encounter with this true Malaysian opened my eyes to the gossamer thread of hope to a brighter, greater Malaysia. “If they are more of you, Malaysia would be a great country.” I added. I am glad that I got to spoke to her, it is more of an honour rather than being glad.

Sebuah Surat Kepada Rakyat Malaysia (A Letter to Malaysians)

Saya merupakan anak Malaysia, ataupun tidak? Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya kurang bergaul dengan kaum lain, ataupun ‘kaum lain’ hanya kami klasifikasikan sahaja? Adakah rakyat Malaysia berbilang kaum ataupun hanya ada satu kaum sahaja- Malaysian? Jikalau berbilang kaum bersatu, kami akan dipanggil sebagai ‘Malaysian’, atau ‘Melayu, Cina, India’? Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya berasa kerajaan kami kurangContinue reading “Sebuah Surat Kepada Rakyat Malaysia (A Letter to Malaysians)”

Cancerous People

“That guy ah, creating a shit show at Whatsapp, what a dunce…” I spoke casually and pointed my phone to my friends. “Read this, what in the world is he thinking, this Kang guy.” He scrolled my phone, laughed at his idiocy, the rare source of comedy in school, “wah… this guy, damn bold ah,Continue reading “Cancerous People”