Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



A Call To Reform

Tick. Tock. Tick and there goes another wasted moment. Yang, do you know that you have an exam upcoming next week? Yes, I know. That's why this time is the first time I really put in effort to study, literally... Continue Reading →

What Does A ‘Follow’ Mean?

I am a disgusting person, and a disgraceful one, so are you people in the community, most of you. Let me talk about my ugly side first. I spam my likes in the comment sections of a lot of threads,... Continue Reading →


I was a scapegoat, a vanguard, a one-man suicide squad. Whatever you wanted to call me, I would care less, because I had only one reason to live, and end my life, it was to wreck some shit and create... Continue Reading →


Tired, too tired. Wearied, too wearied. Dead, not yet. With heaps and mountains of books, knowledge, Stacked against My will to write. The courage to type, The creativity to venture, The effort to write. The writer's block, The excuses to... Continue Reading →

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