Moved On.

Singular lights from a soddened moon accompanied with the silent zephyr of the nights, I found myself at my usual spot, having a warm ginger pang wreathing around my nose which was the broth of ‘tang yuen’, a glutinous wrap over smoothly pestled black sesame fillings. My hands were on the bowl, stirring gently, roundContinue reading “Moved On.”

One Last Time

DISCLAIMER: This post is originally posted as a guest post on Benjamin’s blog, go visit his Youtube channel too! Check out his attempt in this write-up,┬áhere! The main reason that I re-post this is to keep this as one of my memories. Hope you would understand, and enjoy! The afternoon sun was merciless as ever,Continue reading “One Last Time”

Temporary. Gone. Forever.

The coruscation of her reflection, the monitor shone in the dead of the night, my pupils dilated when her image materialised from thin air. Shimmering in the stars were the hopes, and memoirs of a distant past that felt as if it had happened yesterday. I reached out to touch her, regretting about the impromptuContinue reading “Temporary. Gone. Forever.”