Flushing All Out.

This is a piece where I just type my feelings out, non-stop, pure, genuine, straight out of my head. I do not want to have any impurities that come with this, I just wanted to lay bare to me, myself and I (and to the readers, lest not forget). My life has been a messContinue reading “Flushing All Out.”

F*** It

Losing myself, Into the abyss Of reality itself. Doing the things That I do not like Which will indirectly Tire me out Easily. I do not want This life to be like this To be consistently Fulfilling others’ Needs. Entangled in between Me and myself; Reality and conscience; I was stuck, I could not thinkContinue reading “F*** It”

I’m A Mess.

Our days are counted, we have limited time on Earth, time is never on our side, fear is the greatest hindrance to the genesis of an inception. However, faith, hope, patience, perseverance are the criteria for us to harness limitless endurance that acts as the catalyst to help us combat the greatest threat to humans,Continue reading “I’m A Mess.”