Integrity OR Views

What is the purpose of this blog? It is a place for me write, vent and improve my writings, sometimes acting as an avenue for other people to share their thoughts too. However, as time passes by, I eventually forgotten that I write to improve whereas I just write to fulfill my responsibility for theContinue reading “Integrity OR Views”

Movie Time

Afferent neurones transmit electrical impulses to the interneurones. Then, the interneurones will pass the signals up to the integrating centre situated at…. “Hey, Yang.” Bacon jolted me from my study. “Oh.” I placed the book back to the shelf, “Hey, Bacon.” “Why didn’t you pick up my phone just now?” Bacon questioned. “Sorry…” I scratchedContinue reading “Movie Time”

Polar Opposites

Useless piece of trash. Always dreaming of being the best but not doing jack shit about it. There are mountains higher than you imagined. These inferior thoughts intermittently hindered my cognitive senses due to the failure during the Maths competition this morning. The escalating wind reared its ugly head by blowing the sporadic white cloudsContinue reading “Polar Opposites”


Some countries in this world has four seasons due to its geographical position; the north pole and south pole are polar opposite but they experience the same seasons just in different periods of the year; the countries at the Oceania region such as Australia literally has four seasons a day; Malaysia, a very strategically situatedContinue reading “Seasons”