Being Conscious

Scratching my head after I had awakened from a sudden blackout while pondering about my choices about giving consciousness to an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)- my computer, Alexa. I did all my equations over stacks of papers, scribbled messily. The idea had already materialised into paper form, but the intention of implementation was still unclear. IContinue reading “Being Conscious”

Sound of Speed

Cruising through the tarred roads with dozens of cars and a handful of choppers on my tail. “Initialise sound speed dash.” A robotic voice responded with a kick on the engines, everything revved into an astounding acceleration that was my invention, the tyres were about to leave the ground, but I made everything as suchContinue reading “Sound of Speed”

Redefining Pain, Life, Stress.

Help. Life is filled with too much, Too many predicaments, Inundating my purpose with fog, The clarity of life. Pain. My back, My neck, My chest, My body, Aching, straining, throbbing, Beating in sync with the almost defeated me, Bent, but not broken, Yet. Inferiority. The inability to do something, To feel the compunction ofContinue reading “Redefining Pain, Life, Stress.”


Our effort is dependent to the heart, the passion, the fire that we have for a particular subject of life. People who are devoted in their job are willing to do more, working the extra mile without any hint of disdain feeling in the heart; people who are gung-ho in research, they are willing toContinue reading “Half-Hearted”

Put It Down

Heads hang low, pixelated screen emanates the flash on our complexions. We laugh at the screen, shed some tears, force to drop everything on hand within a glance at the screen. The time we had spent for it was too much, as much as the times spent akin to┬áthe atavistic humans gazing into the starryContinue reading “Put It Down”