Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



defining moment

"Are you still there?" ... "Are you still there?" ... "Are you..." the voice waned into non-existence, a commonplace for cold responses. It morphed into a human-like figure, approaching the singular presence that was hidden away in the darkness from... Continue Reading →


Machete coated in the essence of the forest, paving a clear way for me to tread across it. I had to get to the heart of the forest, to meet my loved one. Something called out to me, a voice,... Continue Reading →

One Last Time

DISCLAIMER: This post is originally posted as a guest post on Benjamin's blog, go visit his Youtube channel too! Check out his attempt in this write-up, here! The main reason that I re-post this is to keep this as one of... Continue Reading →

One More Moment.

thump. thump. It was my heartbeat, swaying back and forth with the rattan rocking chair, I was knitting the scarf that was half-done, I had not had the time, soul, and heart to pour out my feelings into this embroidery which... Continue Reading →

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