Sigh. (June Goals)

I am tired of creating posts like this that bear no fruits at all or whatsoever. However, a few days ago, I had a very fascinating spiritual encounter where I got to catch a glimpse of my own future- which was fantastic, and eventually pumped up some of the engines inside me to get meContinue reading “Sigh. (June Goals)”

You Are Not The Only One

Tears were rolling down my cheeks, reflected resplendently upon my blighted soul, transpiring the depths of my layered protective feelings. Encapsulated in those thick layers, there was I, buried deep down. Cocooned in myself, crying by myself, leaving tears where no one could possibly know. Those layers were just a facade, a cover-up, a sugar-coatContinue reading “You Are Not The Only One”

Fool Me Once, April!

A recovering and a super messed up month for me. After the slump from February, I slightly climbed back to re-positioning my life. But, I single-handedly destroyed a friendship by violating the civic values and my writing etiquette at the same time. I was not in the sane mind at that time, and I definitelyContinue reading “Fool Me Once, April!”

December Deadline (Goals)

My oh my… Time flies, it has come to the end of the year. Too fast, my breath could not catch up with the speed. Phew… My first semester exams had passed by me, but I reckon that I would be re-sitting some papers because on my end, a faltering idiot, someone who did not manage hisContinue reading “December Deadline (Goals)”

October Goals (Inspired)

This post idea is taken and inspired by Jess from Daring To Jess. Go and visit her wondrous lifestyle blog and share some love to her by following her blog. Previously, I planned out a weekly schedule to get my life back together, but no, it did not work out, at all. I screwed up after fiveContinue reading “October Goals (Inspired)”

Berpuasa, Fasting.

Waking up five in the morning, where the sun had not even kissed the horizon, not even shedding the limelight to the sky, I checked my phone nonchalantly after prying my eyes opened. Gotten up, brushed, washed, everything done. Why not fast for today? I challenged myself. Why not? I set myself for the day of no foodContinue reading “Berpuasa, Fasting.”