Stop. Lying. (September Goals)

Lies are inevitable, our mouth are lie generators, and it is undeniable that I tell lies. In the previous month, I had not been truthful enough to myself, I was falling short in many aspects of life. I did not even study much and yet I still convinced myself that everything is fine. No. No.Continue reading “Stop. Lying. (September Goals)”

no. no. no. no. no.

Temptation. Roaring into my wearied heart. Ripping my resistance well apart. My body was moving by itself. No. My conscience pleaded. Growing stronger, I’m turning into nothing. No. Please no.  Slowly engulfing me, I’m powerless, feeble, WEAK. Pushing away, Fighting, Nothing happened. No. No. NO! Fucks were not given. Perhaps… NO! PLEASE NO! Defeated. Again.Continue reading “no. no. no. no. no.”

Come ON!

Get up.  Get up. GET UP! Ummph. Leave me alone. I wanna sleep. I’m tired. Next week you are having your big exams, and you are still lazing around. We have been through this a couple of times already. Wha… Just shut it. . . . Ergh. What time is it? 1700 sharp. What the…Continue reading “Come ON!”


I was laying down on my bed, scrolling endless through my phone, waiting for time to pass. My conscience was defeated by the banality of life, I became tired of life. The battle with myself was great, I was consumed by the devils of the dark. However, a revival, a teeny-tiny voice sprout inside me.Continue reading “Remember…”

Just, STOP!!!

The revamping of my new self has been greatly disrupted by school, and mainly because of my feeble self with the lack of grit. My life is skewed away again, not on drugs, but with the addiction of wasting time. I wonder why do I favour the act of doing nothing by browsing superfluous videosContinue reading “Just, STOP!!!”

Talking to Myself

Pain, once more. Less than 90 days, 88 days to be exact, counting down to the first term of STPM, I did nothing, less than expected. Why did I do so? Because I procrastinate, because I was asshole in time management, because I was obstinate to not join any tuition, because of me, and myself,Continue reading “Talking to Myself”

Monologue with Him

My thoughts were scattered asunder, my head was in the agonising grip from hell, nothing seemed to make sense in this realm, gravity was void, yet nothingness was not prominent. There were an array of daily items hovering around me, giving the nothingness some matter to be occupied. Wearied amalgamated with nonsensical thoughts, I spunContinue reading “Monologue with Him”