Wooden Shack

Summer was as sweltering as ever, an arid breeze brushed through my complexion further drying up my lips, I was passing by the neighborhood where the dilapidated house was located. The advice, a warning rather, given by everyone was a myth that was not busted by anyone- do not enter the haunted house. My eyesContinue reading “Wooden Shack”

“I’m Here.”

Sauntering back to my house in the frigid London night, the street lights stood in a single file at the right of the snowy road, orchestrated by the starry night and the din of the hubbub, fluctuating my heart in an uncanny manner this Christmas. People were walking in pairs, with their family members, IContinue reading ““I’m Here.””


Aimlessly looking at the pixalated screen as tens of thousands were at the same time, locking, splintering my attention between social medias, draining my time to the unwarranted, undermining the attempts of negating such actions. I pulled myself closer to the screen, realising that I was indulging too much, but I could not stop myself,Continue reading “Immeasurable”


I was splintered, couple of times, physically and mentally, nearly went flat-lined. Cruising through the tough metal floor of nonentity, I was oblivion of my whereabouts, only knew that I was locked in a claustrophobic endless hallway, illuminated by dangling light bulbs from the ceiling, filled with two rows of metal doors each with aContinue reading “Prey-ed”


Zephyr of the night, billowing the atmosphere with a menacing glare, I pulled my handbag closer to me, wreathed myself tighter in my scarf, afraid of the solitary in this dimly lit alley way which only had intermittent flashes of a lamp post at a consistent glow. Blinking seven times per second, I paced twoContinue reading “Looped”


My mind was shutting itself off, I had to retain my consciousness. The lights were flickering, the matt white vicinity was turning pallid, I knew something was off. I lifted my hands, scrutinising every detail that I could perceive with my sight, I was still on the white leather reclining chair, dressed in an all-whiteContinue reading “Overloading”


Drunk, again. I was being the alcoholic that I used to be, using this drug to escape from all my realities that had shattered into a million pieces. Depression slunk into my comfort, draped me in his shadow. I kept myself together solely by alcohol, negating all the pain cast unto me in the pastContinue reading “Blotched”

A Plan To Kill

Target acquired, we had vision and data, and everything about her. We were assigned with our inception in this industry, a job to kill with an accidental or mystery cause. This case was handed by us under the label of a mystery kill, it was a huge feat for our team of three- a hacker/Continue reading “A Plan To Kill”