Icarus’ Fall

“Son. The wings. Are they done?” Daedalus was staring into the clouds which were a few miles away, but a few inches away when the wings were ready. I checked on the wings, with astonishment, they were solid, a break free from this singular rocky tower. I suited up as soon as I knew itContinue reading “Icarus’ Fall”

Nian (Finale)

‘Black powder’ acquired, now a torch. My focus span broke at the moment when the bellows of the tiled beasts shaken the vicinity of the village, my grip on the trees slipped, and I fell a few feet away from the beasts. Thump. Three pairs of livid stares locked unto me. I scrambled on myContinue reading “Nian (Finale)”

Nian (Part 7)

The season of reaping had fallen in a heartbeat, the villagers were living their trite life, never breaking apart from the banality. They took my brother’s words lightly, and the time had come, the roar of the hare-like beast and the clamour of calls emitted from another beast- a dragon-horse beast as my brother hadContinue reading “Nian (Part 7)”

Nian (Part 5)

It was when the sun had made its mark over the horizon, beckoning the continuity of the banal life that had been led by the village. My life varied from them. My brother, an adventurous hungry soul, brought me up on the mountain which became our commonplace, and our favourite place, doing music, orchestrated byContinue reading “Nian (Part 5)”

Nian (Part 3)

After the point when I could run, and pick up a sword, he thought me the fundamentals of survival, from discerning the edibles and drinkables in the forests to slaying the beasts of the wild. I absorbed everything that he had thought me like a sponge. I killed a wild boar with the assistance ofContinue reading “Nian (Part 3)”

Nian (Part 2)

Last harvesting season, the inception hit us when we were least expected, when we were most vulnerable. The beast attacked us abruptly, devastated us, left us with the detritus of destruction, the carcass of life stocks, and no soul was gone in this incident. It was during a day, when routine was the same, theContinue reading “Nian (Part 2)”

Nian (Part 1)

The palpable darkness dethroned the ever glowing sun as the night approached as brief as a knock at the door. Mother Nature was still at her best, an array of greens were the only things that I perceived as I was sauntering at the pinnacle of the mountain which had a wondrous, splendid view envelopingContinue reading “Nian (Part 1)”