Not Now. Candour.

This is not going to happen. That was my thought all along, it would never happen, for now. If things came so effortlessly in life, then it might just not happen at all. I looked at her text once more, she said what she meant, nothing more, nothing less. But, my friends’ opinions differed from me,Continue reading “Not Now. Candour.”


“Get your ass out of here!” I prompted Jane to flee as I was holding on to a ticking explosion, 01:00, its blood-red blocks of indicators flashed intermittently, gesturing our death was near. “NO! I won’t leave you again!” She was furious, pertinent, about my decision, “Why must you do this?” “I am thinking about sacrifi…” “Don’tContinue reading “Boom”

Out of The Ordinary

Pacing through the shivering winter night, snowflakes were showering across the vicinity of the city, coated it that of the soft frosting on a cake. My footprints were left as trails of crevices on the snow caked ground. The somnolent moonlight was chilling behind the sporadic mass of clouds hovering above me, watching me, quiveringContinue reading “Out of The Ordinary”