Sit Down, Be Humble.

Sit down,  Be humble. Arrogance, The formidable nemesis. For years, Stunting my growth. Sit down, Be humble. Subconsciously, Hinted to me regularly. Too subtle, I gave no shits. Sit down, Be humble. Arrogance, Blinded me. Pride, Hindered me. Sit down, Be humble. Over-inflated ego, Fucked my vision up. Clouded perception, Fucked me up, thoroughly. SitContinue reading “Sit Down, Be Humble.”

My Hair

For seven months, maybe even longer. I kept long hair, eventually I had to cut it off because my mother was nagging me to do so for the past few months. Thus, I cut my hair, it was a relieve but a broken dream for myself. I aspired to keep a long hair, that ofContinue reading “My Hair”