Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




The sea was calm, cool and collected as I sailed through the resplendent blue reflected from the surface of the sea. I rowed my way along with the waves of the sea, orchestrated with the rhythm of my heart. My... Continue Reading →

Beyond 100

The morning sun tinted the sky with a light contour of yoke, beckoning the break of dawn at the wee hours of the day. I ran across the sand from my straw hut, stripping away my clothes and sandals as... Continue Reading →


The ship was carrying about a hundred people with livestock in it, exceeding the maximum limit of the ship's carriage. Its destination was to get these refugees to a safe spot across the ocean into the promised land, overflowing with... Continue Reading →


The skies were ordinarily blue, the waves were nothing but normal, I guessed it was a routine of this expedition. I suit-up in my scuba diving kits, prepared to jump into the ocean to carry out my duties. Nothing particularly... Continue Reading →

Riding Tides

The air in the wee hours of the day was exceptionally normal. The faint blue skies, the shimmer glow of the morning sun, the breeze from the oceans, the height of the waves, everything was at a good condition for... Continue Reading →


Diving down with the usual depth, I swam with the breathing piece into the remnants of a derelict abandoned pirate ship. My mission was to retrieve whatever that was valuable there. I ransacked the location for treasure chests, jewelries and... Continue Reading →

Uncharted Amnesia

The salty, arid air of the ocean waves clap, rock my sail. I pry open my eyes, the white light blinds my vision, recovers when my wearied body pumps the last bits of life into me. Recollecting the enigmatic position... Continue Reading →


The ocean could be calm, cool and collected, but at times it would viciously devoured the souls which would to unfortunately fall into the pit of darkness and dissipate into nothingness. Deep down in the sea where no light could even... Continue Reading →

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