catharsis #5 ?

my brain, it hurts i really… i think i am going back to square one. nothing had changed i am still, me back to square one. my conscience, is once again buried deep in the depths of nothingness i could not tell anymore whether i am still, alive. silence, darkness, nothingness confusion what is happeningContinue reading “catharsis #5 ?”

losing it.

time is dripping away so as my life force dwindling into subtle nothingness drifting away from consciousness i do not know how long or how far am i away from diving into an abysmal darkness, blackness. zip. my head had a mild trance. zip. not once, a frequent occurring issue an invisible, but palpable problem.Continue reading “losing it.”


Falling, Drowning, Failing, Hoping. Pain is the sign that I am still alive. Pain is the significance Of my every breath. Humans live for Achievements, Challenges, Pain and hope. Wrenching, Dreadful, Wearying, Beautiful. When we fall down, We climb back up, Feeling the lingering pain Learning from pain. If we keep on falling, We keepContinue reading “PaIn”

“Not By Chance.”

Oblivion, I was spiraling deep in the abyss of misleading beliefs of meaninglessness. Climbing out of it was a valiant effort, rather foolish, believing that I could handle this by myself, letting my ego grabbed the wheels of my life for a year or so, steering me way out of track, straying even further awayContinue reading ““Not By Chance.””


Sauntering by the rivulet at the gardens of my mind, alone. I tipped toed across the puddles of water, crossing back and forth in a conventional fashion, leaving ripples through the fabric of my thoughts, spacetime itself. Catching hold of my own breath, I landed in multiple gatherings of friends, family and relatives simultaneously. TheContinue reading “Accustomed”

War. Fear. Pain.

BANG! BANG! BANG! TUTUTUTUTUT! PHEEWW BOOOMM!!! That was my daily life, since the last time I could see the day light, or even the moonlight. We were hidden in our little house, still in luck as we had been alive for an accountable period of time. Every second that passed, meant that we had treadContinue reading “War. Fear. Pain.”

2 + 2 = 5

White. Matt white. It was what my eyes perceived. I was strapped unto a chair, metallic, my bare back against the cold steel, sticking chillingly at my back. Silence was next. My nostrils were deluged with the arid air, spelling the premonition prominently inside my consciousness. 2 + 2 = 5, that absurdity got intoContinue reading “2 + 2 = 5”

Some Wisdom

My head was throbbing with pain, my back was killing me, wearied was I, still kept on studying, doing things other than sleeping, resting. I thought I was a superman, I knew I was not, but I ignored the fact that I was not, resulting the things that I did trigger my procrastinating system, notContinue reading “Some Wisdom”