Little Walk in The Forest (Finale)

A tumultuous roar of thunder rattled the cave. Clatters of debris of the cave were prominent. “The cave is falling apart!” I shouted. We sprinted to grab Anne and our bags. “Leave our bags behind, its too heavy, take what is needed¬†only.” I commanded. Each of us grabbed a pocket knife, a jar of saltContinue reading “Little Walk in The Forest (Finale)”

Little Walk in The Forest (Pt.2)

A tumultuous roar resounded in the forest followed by a deafening shriek which was definitely not from a living thing. Anne was still in a bewitched condition and Mike shrugged to the ground in fear. “Guys! Pull yourselves together. Looks like we need to flee this place.” I said determinedly, “fast.” I grabbed Mike inContinue reading “Little Walk in The Forest (Pt.2)”

Little Walk in The Forest. (Pt.1)

“Lemme ask you once more… life¬†or death?” Its familiar but malevolent gaze was fixated on my eyes which radiated a dying will to live. My phone rang and vibrated violently on the table top. I lazily got off the cushion and picked up the phone. “Hey John. When are you gonna be here? Its likeContinue reading “Little Walk in The Forest. (Pt.1)”