Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



Riding Tides

The air in the wee hours of the day was exceptionally normal. The faint blue skies, the shimmer glow of the morning sun, the breeze from the oceans, the height of the waves, everything was at a good condition for... Continue Reading →

David And Goliath Miracle

Eyes on the prize, standing by the aperture of the final fight with my ultimate rival. My palms were sweaty in the boxing gloves, I bit my mouth guard, walked out exuberantly to face my opponent. He had a swarthy,... Continue Reading →

Panic Attack

Orders flowed in incessantly, accelerando. People kept shouting for bill, asking from assistance from one end to another. Twenty-three tables, clamour of noises shook me up, turning my mind into a frenzy. Quickening, the pace was quicken by the second... Continue Reading →

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