Patience (Restrung)

. . . Wait . . . Wait . . . nothing. … nothing has happened yet. … maybe it is just too early. i mean. what can i expect from doing the same thing for a year or so. my hands are full. i cannot possibly do more than this. . . Falling, Failing,Continue reading “Patience (Restrung)”

re: sense five #25

towering concrete jungles, minute hindrances, cycling through habits, indulgence peaking, i am here, in the midst of this, mess. i just woke up from the conformity, i want to break away from the mass. not realising how difficult this is. tearing away a part of my flesh is painful almost un-do-able. it is not impossible,Continue reading “re: sense five #25”


Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Tired. Wearied. Lethargic. Keep it up! You can do this! Just do it! I have heard All of these Bullcrap since day one I faced life Man to man. Life does not work as such, You do not get motivated By literally anything, What to say about Those mereContinue reading “Persevere”

Passion Smiles Back

I am Smiling, So are they. I am A teacher. I teach. My efforts Translates into Inspiration, Motivation, Achievements, Advice; A driving force That breaks The perennial circle Of banality; A change; Smiling or depressed, I just wanted students To learn. I am A cook. I cook. My food Conveys A smear, A smudge, AtContinue reading “Passion Smiles Back”


Gazing into the four walls, Reflecting the emptiness bored inside me, Reading in between the creeks of whiteness, I found that giving in might be the best. Sometimes… My heart is not strong enough, To hold up against the depth of challenges of life, Rendering my propensity to run away great. Sometimes… My will isContinue reading “Sometimes…”