Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Tired. Wearied. Lethargic. Keep it up! You can do this! Just do it! I have heard All of these Bullcrap since day one I faced life Man to man. Life does not work as such, You do not get motivated By literally anything, What to say about Those mereContinue reading “Persevere”

When Is Ready?

Never rush a situation to go fast or yourself into a situation, never do that, like never. Those scenarios proposed in front of you are for the you who is ready, not off a whim. I am a very rushy person, I love to make things quick, being impatient mostly. Often times, with my harshContinue reading “When Is Ready?”

Sigh. (June Goals)

I am tired of creating posts like this that bear no fruits at all or whatsoever. However, a few days ago, I had a very fascinating spiritual encounter where I got to catch a glimpse of my own future- which was fantastic, and eventually pumped up some of the engines inside me to get meContinue reading “Sigh. (June Goals)”

Bright Eyes

Have something new for you! Weaved by this wondrous, awesome, stunning writer, share some love to her by visiting her Twitter : @DarthErica People ask me, “Do you regret your life choices?”, and I’m always at a loss as to how to answer. Sometimes, it’s not always a choice. Yes, there are many choices inContinue reading “Bright Eyes”