Broga Hills Malaysia (Honest Review)

0415, beep, beep, beep… I crawled out of my bed, yet to come to my senses, I grabbed my towel and bathed. Waking myself in the process, I had to wake my father up to fetch me to the rendezvous point of meet-up to Broga Hills, which is located in Semenyih for a hiking session withContinue reading “Broga Hills Malaysia (Honest Review)”


The next day, as we crawled out of bed, we headed back to the ancestor’s house for groupies. I am the one in grey, with brown sleeves. Haha, I just stood/crouched there and smiled. After massive photo shootings, they brought us up to see the tomb of the ancestor. Feast your eyes upon my poorContinue reading “寻潘之根(总)”


After those visits and taking pictures we were escorted to have dinner and then a break. Then, we were brought back to the ancestor house to have the ceremony, which was one of the grandest Chinese ceremonies that I had ever attended. The pictures above are of the grand ceremony. The beat of the ceremonyContinue reading “寻潘之根(六)”


Another late start of the day, packing our bags, leaving XiaMen, going to our roots, NanAn, where it all began. My surname is 潘 (pan1), and I am really proud of it, cool name though. When you look into history, many game-changers have the same surname as me, I feel so badass. Random shots on theContinue reading “寻潘之根(五)”


Picking up from the last time, we had a small tea party. We headed back to the mainland next, and they let us back to the hotel to take a breather. We had dinner after that. Sorry no food pics again. Haha. I have respect for my food, I do not want to help themContinue reading “寻潘之根(三)”


The day started off early, we had a breakfast at the hotel before taking off for the trip to this island, gu lang yu, the Chinese characters are in the picture above. The dock was packed with people, and they were relentless as China people would always be. We were led by the tour guide, XiaoContinue reading “寻潘之根(二)”


As I stepped foot into China, everything seemed the same as Malaysia except the weather is hotter, and the people are a bunch of lowly educated bunch. I know how to speak Chinese, eventually I could understand everything there, just needed to catch up with their slang. The first few photos are of low qualityContinue reading “寻潘之根(一)”