Where Do I Get My Pictures?

More than a hundred of my posts’ cover pictures were taken from unsplash.com (Unsplash), and yet I have not credited their website and their creators for playing a rather huge role for my blog. Not an endorsement, not sponsored. I just like to share to you, readers, about this wonderful platform of free and non-copyrightedContinue reading “Where Do I Get My Pictures?”

Eco Sky Food Fair (Honest Review)

Work done. 6 p.m. Rushed down. Fetched two of my friends. Jam. Jam. Jam. 8.30 p.m. Parked at the Tesco Extra beside Eco Sky because the enormity of the crowd at Eco Sky. Strolled down, met Greeny, and off we went to our destination. Time to slow down my speed. Everything was settled, we hadContinue reading “Eco Sky Food Fair (Honest Review)”