burning a candle at both ends.

Here I am again, rambling through the frugality of the keyboard, drumming my thoughts and mind into the pixelated screen, letting them out to the world. I am never good with time and I want to change that- I want to be good with time- there are just way too many distractions at hand, especiallyContinue reading “burning a candle at both ends.”

Broken Love

The nights were hauling with ghoulish pelts of rain, darkness slowly crept across the small town as the downpour was turning more ferocious, roaring in thunder, glaring in lightning, swilling the vicinity with fright. The roar of my empty stomach was louder in my ears. Heaving for breath, for my survival, I found myself atContinue reading “Broken Love”

It’s November Already? (Goals)

Hell no, shit. Two more months till the end of the year, and I had achieved nothing near my year goals. Haha. But, new month, new aspirations. Finally, this plan is working out fairly well compared to my previous futile attempts. Before starting, a big shout out to Daring to Jess for providing me withContinue reading “It’s November Already? (Goals)”