Believe In Yourself.

So do not throw your confidence away, it holds a great reward. – Hebrews 10:35 Confidence is the key to success.¬†Bullshit.¬†Most of us are tired and some hated this kind of speech, it contradicts so much with our everyday encounter and beliefs. Nonetheless, being confident is one of the best ways to make your day.Continue reading “Believe In Yourself.”

Every First Thought

“We are going to face the three-time world champ tomorrow.” announced the coach. There will be possibly three types of first thought going through our heads. What? How can we possibly going to defeat them? They are undefeated. We are sure going to lose. We can do this. We have trained so long, we areContinue reading “Every First Thought”

“You Can Do This.”

Re-discovered, Re-ignited, Re-inspired. I’m ready, I’m prepared To face the world. Pummeled down, Demolished, Crushed, My hopes and dreams, Once again, I’m lost. “I can’t do this shit anymore.” No. Losing myself Into the feedback loop From hell. “This is so difficult!” When can I learn? When can I be strong enough? When can IContinue reading ““You Can Do This.””