losing it.

time is dripping away so as my life force dwindling into subtle nothingness drifting away from consciousness i do not know how long or how far am i away from diving into an abysmal darkness, blackness. zip. my head had a mild trance. zip. not once, a frequent occurring issue an invisible, but palpable problem.Continue reading “losing it.”


Strolling aimlessly into the wilderness, shrouded in uncertainty and mists that limited my vision to look further. I had been walking, for almost two decades, and yet I somehow rather found myself back at this spot where every shred of me was astray. Skimming my surroundings, I went in circles without knowing when to stop.Continue reading “Foggy”

Gooey Situation

A breakthrough has been made in the world of nanotechnology where people managed to create nanobots that can consume oil leaks in the ocean and convert those waste into creating more of those nanobots, namely GOO. The tiny creations each spanned about a nanometre in diameter, waterproof, having a spherical body that is flexible, malleable,Continue reading “Gooey Situation”


Bones about to rip through the subcutaneous layer, I mustered every ounce of energy to gather water into the two plastic containers that were to be brought back saddling my donkey. It was a routine, I had been doing this after fleeing our war-torn home state. My father passed away in an airstrike back atContinue reading “Flowing”

Sugar, Fats, And Sitting Too Much

Malaysia is a food heaven but the people are living in a health crisis hell. One of every three Malaysians are obese which leads us to detrimental health issues such as heart attack, angina, breathing difficulties and the list never ends. After visiting Japan, I would like to compare and contrast between the lifestyle ofContinue reading “Sugar, Fats, And Sitting Too Much”


Chill beats were playing at the background, I was not satisfied, I needed something more inspiring. My fingers shifted it into classical orchestra, nope, Japan songs, better. The language portrayed was incomprehensible yet enlightening. I cocooned myself on my chair, hoping that some movement could stir my head up- an impetus. Blank. Nothingness. That was all that I couldContinue reading “Struck.”

You. Yes, You.

I’m talking to you, Whosoever that is in front of the glass, Or from whoever’s mouth. Tell me. Why are you reading this? Is it to get some motivation? Some inspiration? Perhaps just to grate time? I don’t really care. At this point, You might be guessing, “Where is the core message?” I don’t haveContinue reading “You. Yes, You.”

Family Issues

Growing up in a typical Malaysian family is neither a great thing to praise about nor a bad thing to sully about, but as you can see from my blog, I rarely posted anything about my family, any good thing at least because it was just, to put it plainly, I do not really likeContinue reading “Family Issues”

Don’t Create Problems.

Another day, another period that I hated the most in school, I did not hate the period due to its syllabus, but due to the teacher. If a teacher made you hate some subject because of him, I felt so sorry and vexed for myself and him, because I attended school for the sole reasonContinue reading “Don’t Create Problems.”