Doing Photoshop

My design sense in the company that I work in is one of the worst ones, so normally I will focus on copy-writing more than designing because we have more capable people to do so. However, school forcefully provided me with the chance to learn and use photoshop to make a 144-page magazine. I wasContinue reading “Doing Photoshop”


Tap, tap, tap… Tap, tap, tap… Typing more, Creating more, Under controlled circumstances. Emptiness, A sudden pang. Weariness, A lingering effect. Staring into the four walls, Neglecting the suction, The drainage of my life force. This walk has not been easy. Fallen many times. Did not get up many times. Did not attempt many times.Continue reading “Intention”

A Letter To Students In Schools

Dear Fighters of a Better Tomorrow: You are not alone, there is always us. Although it was your mom that forced you to attend school whether you liked it or not, you could be doing homeschooling, you could have been better off studying at home alone. But, since it is done, you are in school.Continue reading “A Letter To Students In Schools”