not how, but when. (February Goals)

Started the year off with a burning passion to get my life straight, but my fire dwindled away into dust that held no significance or whatsoever. I reckoned that I kept myself going for the first week, and then everything turned ugly. My life was flung with another challenge, a fully-packed schedule from work. TheContinue reading “not how, but when. (February Goals)”

Stop. Lying. (September Goals)

Lies are inevitable, our mouth are lie generators, and it is undeniable that I tell lies. In the previous month, I had not been truthful enough to myself, I was falling short in many aspects of life. I did not even study much and yet I still convinced myself that everything is fine. No. No.Continue reading “Stop. Lying. (September Goals)”

May Be (Goals For May)

Phew… 40 percent back on track to my usual self. My recuperating ability is not that great, but still an above average pace. This is difficult, getting back to life after the big slump of my life- where nothing really feels good. I might say this month is going to be a crucial month for me,Continue reading “May Be (Goals For May)”