Gazing into the four walls, Reflecting the emptiness bored inside me, Reading in between the creeks of whiteness, I found that giving in might be the best. Sometimes… My heart is not strong enough, To hold up against the depth of challenges of life, Rendering my propensity to run away great. Sometimes… My will isContinue reading “Sometimes…”

How to Manage Time? (By Someone Who Is Always Late)

Tardiness has been one of my main traits in the years of schooling, this habit eventually seeped into some of my working etiquette, and even my blogging style. Being in school impacted me negatively as school sucked the living out of my life, demotivating me in each and every way possible with its mundane, grueling,Continue reading “How to Manage Time? (By Someone Who Is Always Late)”

My Journey With Music

Tapping my feet to the rhythm, pacing my body slightly back and forth to the beat, this is how my body reacts to music. This particular thing that I have with music is innate, I just could not stop myself from submerging into the flow of the music that I am listening to. Although IContinue reading “My Journey With Music”

Conquest (July Goals)

“Okay, let’s do this,” I told myself repeatedly, and things started to change, slowly but gradually. This is not fast enough. That was what I told myself far back when I was jet fueled with passion to do everything in life. No, I am not going to make the same mistake again, I will let my willContinue reading “Conquest (July Goals)”

Music Changes

Rain was pelting relentlessly against the exterior of the car, racing with each other across the closed windscreen, I was gazing into the nothingness that pried into my heart which was hollow. The crisp angelic voice tore into the perfect cadence. I’m coming home, coming home Tell the world I’m coming home Let the rainContinue reading “Music Changes”


Driving. Mundane old routine, nothing unusual happening around me, same old tired me, microsleeping and multitasking along the way, typical lackadaisical driver. I was wearied out from my work like any other working days, not expecting anything to conjure in front of me. A clammy sensation flowed out from my eyes, my ears and myContinue reading “Recur”

We, Maybe.

Huff… Puff… My heart was beating at the rhythm of my pace, controlling it in order to run longer. Sweat was drenching me, the sun was merciless, I ran across that particular spot again. It was mid-summer, my running routine was in for months, I became better in running with time. This spot captured me becauseContinue reading “We, Maybe.”

Talk Too Much.

Looking at you, Making me wonder, How much I don’t know, And want to know about you. It is inevitable, You are painted Across my mind, Throughout the days. I could not get you Out of my mind, Perhaps, you are Really the one. Oops. Shit.  My mind is doing the talking, I must hideContinue reading “Talk Too Much.”