Am I Desperate Enough?

Time and tide wait for no man, in just a blink of an eye, 14 days had past and I am still the old me at times when my attention slip out of my sight. I have a desire to become better this 2019 but I did not do so for the first few daysContinue reading “Am I Desperate Enough?”

how far is east is from the west?

The stars across the skies laid sparsely as I looked into the plain vast blackness of the incessant flow of time, never waiting for anyone. Sporadic clouds were forming above my head, swirling, my thoughts were lingering around with the shapes of above without any apparent reason but with a definite goal of raining uponContinue reading “how far is east is from the west?”

catharsis reasoning #21

the artificial lights were superficial. i saw me glaring blankly into the pixelated screens i looked dumb stupid, idiotic, as i did nothing to stop my life from being taken away by the social media giants. cross-legged, i was still watching attentively, paying full attention, unwavering worshiping the pixelated screens my eyes were glued toContinue reading “catharsis reasoning #21”

All Out.

Uugh…¬†My head was beating with the insidious pain, the call of sickness, the last thing that I wanted to encounter during this finals week. I paced myself back home, ate and drove, the illness was building up as I was heading back home. “Sleep. Just sleep.” I told myself, attempting to convince myself that thisContinue reading “All Out.”


People were walking, zipping past me in a blurring speed. I was cupped in my thoughts, head sank low into my breast, casually skimming the vicinity of people. My vision was promiscuous, picking up minutiae from the rushing crowd. Rumination¬†of the trivial yet abstruse questions started to fill my vacuous thoughts. Why do we rush?Continue reading “Why?”