silently shouting

I have not written a post about my feelings in a long while, in a pure, raw and unedited manner. Seemingly these types of posts will look more like a fiasco of thoughts rather than an actual post. I feel that I need this type of purge from time to time in effort to cleanContinue reading “silently shouting”

Flushing All Out.

This is a piece where I just type my feelings out, non-stop, pure, genuine, straight out of my head. I do not want to have any impurities that come with this, I just wanted to lay bare to me, myself and I (and to the readers, lest not forget). My life has been a messContinue reading “Flushing All Out.”

F*** It

Losing myself, Into the abyss Of reality itself. Doing the things That I do not like Which will indirectly Tire me out Easily. I do not want This life to be like this To be consistently Fulfilling others’ Needs. Entangled in between Me and myself; Reality and conscience; I was stuck, I could not thinkContinue reading “F*** It”

sHuT tHe F! (Explicit)

Facts, knowledge, Last minute cramming, Anxious, scared. The motherfucker walked in, Not a metaphor, nor a description, It was an actual human, The motherfucking human. He came in, Casually, As if everyone welcomed him, I ignored his shit, Letting him went on with his shit. Fuck that shit. He was not welcomed, That crooked oldContinue reading “sHuT tHe F! (Explicit)”


How many days have past like this? A perennial question that kept me on my toes. I knew I had a problem with myself, But, I chose to ignore it. Why are you doing this to yourself? I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know,Continue reading “Metamorphosis”

Inner Battle

It’s March, a quarter of the year has gone, and I have deteriorated from bad to worse, and from worse to worst in a matter of a month. I have been neglecting sleep, studies, and devoted my life into indulging into non-existential stuffs, such as doing nothing, browsing mindlessly through Youtube and other social platforms.Continue reading “Inner Battle”

What Am I Doing?

Procrastination, Laziness, Taking everything for granted. I was still the same old me, Wanting to avoid As many problems As possible, Never wanting to face them, Man to man. I’d rather hide around, Go around, Circumvent… Wrong word, it should be Cowardice, Weak. I just can’t stop Distracting myself From my main objective. Do IContinue reading “What Am I Doing?”

School Is…

Imagine having to wake up at 6 a.m. everyday, having to do this drill for the whole week, for 5 out of 7 days. Stuck in traffic, just to get to school. It is some sort of discipline practice. Hustle and bustle, into the class, get to face with teachers that you love, that youContinue reading “School Is…”

I Need to, I Have to, I Must.

Anxiety, nervousness, fear. All of them attacking me at once. I am falling, My mind is clogged. Sleep is deprived. Too much, too many, Effort is not there, At all. Information, knowledge, Messed up. Fragmented lots, Unknown cavities, Conning against me, Killing me slowly, Efficaciously, Deadly. This STPM thing is slowly draining my life forceContinue reading “I Need to, I Have to, I Must.”