This is my experience in Form 6 (tertiary education in Malaysia- STPM) An honest and biased writing based on my perspectives and feelings. It is a long read, and it is worth your time reading this.

re: hope #29

the thin gossamer thread that i held on for years it has not snapped nor has it torn apart, it remained stout, sturdy and solid. Through the depths hell, Over the nine mountains and eight seas, There is nothing That could cut This thread of hope, Not even the dreadful depression, Nor even the sinisterContinue reading “re: hope #29”

define catharsis #22

a therapy a way when there is no way a real talk a relationship with God a place to vent i did this all because i had no one i chose no one to help me out of this hell that i created for myself. i need to cross this bridge. the bridge of facingContinue reading “define catharsis #22”

re: addicted #18

why. why. my. my. i am back in this state the state where hope and dreams are pixelated. the instantaneous escapes, the immediate gratifications, the almost too real life that is present in front of your very eyes locked in the rectangular box in an unending cycle of refreshing, re-watching, renewing. i am tired. butContinue reading “re: addicted #18”

re: sense two #12

forgetting is the root of being human apparently i am forgetting something someone someone who is important very important… i know i forget but i do not know who i am forgetting. my senses are dwindling i do not want to lose my conscience again it is a race against time if i linger moreContinue reading “re: sense two #12”

catharsis 7

jailed imprisoned incarcerated in my head darkness wreathed around me my heart is still beating i am still, breathing i thought i was long gone but here i am seated, strangled my vision is failing me darkness is all i perceive coldness is all i felt loneliness, alone singular “how many times i have toContinue reading “catharsis 7”

Catharsis… #3

hi… a week before you were adamant for a change you were hungry you were desperate where did all of those go? you were cleansed by your tears you were changed by you heart what have you become? i… i don… i don’t know anymore i doubted stupid me i thought, it was just aContinue reading “Catharsis… #3”

Katharsis #2

what am i doing? what… what have i been doing for these years? it has been so long since i come back to my senses i am still lingering in the past. this change is not easy it is a transition an awakening looking back reflecting pondering realising that i have been lost. i amContinue reading “Katharsis #2”

Catharsis #1

prying open the deepest ends of my heart, there was nothing more to be expected, everything was emptied out of me a year or so ago, when things started to get awry. i have been in this constant state of misery, pain, fear, cowardice, foolishness. i am mired in the cesspool from hell, i needContinue reading “Catharsis #1”