Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

Breathing silently, Deeply. Life is passing us by. I want to know How I Am still alive, right now? This lingering dilemma Questions My existence, purpose and values. The realm of possibility Is vast Beyond my imaginations. Anything can Happen Anytime, anywhere. As the incident Hits me I must be able to fit in. AdaptabilityContinue reading “Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.”


Shriveled at a corner, cocooned in a disgraceful fashion. I was drowning, losing my breath to the bottom, heaving frantically for air. But, I stopped, I lost hope to abject submission, it was helpless, it was dead. I hugged myself closer to me, holding unto the last pieces of what I could scavenge from theContinue reading “Boxed.”


The lecture hall was quiet as usual, there were the same people answering the lecturer, paying any attention at all in the lecture hall and those who just could not care more. Time passed as the students presented in front, the lecturer was mildly impressed by the students’ performances. “… and thus concluding my presentation.Continue reading “Harassed”

Swaying In Between

Pressing my eyes against the pillow, an effective way to put me to rest my mind, body and soul. I recalled holding my phone in my hands before drifting into my reverie. In my sway into unconsciousness, I caught myself watching an unfinished Youtube video. It felt real. I woke up, grabbing the air justContinue reading “Swaying In Between”

Vagueness of Reality

Wandering, aimlessly in the pitch black dimension where light was scarce. Drifting, superficially on the baseless reality that we lived in. My thoughts were bulging, wrestling against my conscience about this hollow universe where our basis of living depended on chemical reactions and human reactions. Darkness had engulfed me fully, only hoping that the voidContinue reading “Vagueness of Reality”

What Is Love?

There was two men- friends, one was heeding for advice, one was the listener. The man began to share, “I had fell in love three times in my life.” the listener nodded his head, paying close attention, “But, none of them become the love of my life.” the man’s voice had a melancholy tinge, depressed,Continue reading “What Is Love?”

Family Issues

Growing up in a typical Malaysian family is neither a great thing to praise about nor a bad thing to sully about, but as you can see from my blog, I rarely posted anything about my family, any good thing at least because it was just, to put it plainly, I do not really likeContinue reading “Family Issues”


I was running, breathing methodically using my newly developed running breathing method, it sounded absurd, but it worked better than breathing irregularly throughout a run. The tarred road slapped against my soled feet, I counted my steps, my breaths, my laps, not the time that I had spent on my run. I ran because IContinue reading “Bad”


I do not know how to start this piece, and there I go, haphazardly, simply idiotic, letting someone on a pause. Stupid, I am purely, genuinely a coward. She knew some of my feelings for her, she gave me time, yet I squandered it utterly. I am a coward, a weakling, or any other wordsContinue reading “Ghosting”